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Construction Insurance

Construction Insurance Quote Forms

Insurance products by their very nature are highly complex and vary widely between policy types and insurance providers. Let INSUREPOINTE assist you in navigating all the various options of a good risk management strategy. Complete the request below and one of our professionals will contact you to arrange an interview.

Construction Insurance Information

 Click here to view IIABA Whitepaper regarding coverage issues surrounding claims resulting from use of Chinese Drywall

 Insurepointe of Texas, Inc. can provide coverage analysis services to meet the special needs inherent in the various building and construction trades. We have proven experience in the construction industry for marketing, placing and servicing contractors of all sizes and complexity. Our numerous markets can facilitate artisan trades such as electrical, drywall, painting, plumbing, masonry, roofing etc., AS WELL as provide innovative products for general construction contractors, utility contractors, street & road contractors, site preparation contractors and many other hazardous building trades. We are equipped with the technology to provide same day turn around on certificate requests for anything from a single holder request to a large certificate renewal list. Some of the construction classes that we service:



Alarm Systems
Cable Installation
Conduit Construction
Crane Operators
Design and Build
Fire Suppression
Flood Control Work
General Construction

Railroad Spur Work
Street & Road
Sprinkler Systems
Tree Trimming/Arborists
Water & Sewer Main
Wastewater Treatment
Utility Contruction