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Locally owned and operated since 1972, Insurepointe of Texas, Inc.  has been known as a strong regional independent insurance agency. We consider our employees, the dedicated professionals responsive to the everyday needs of the industry, as our greatest asset. The personnel at Insurepointe strive continuously to provide the insight and technical expertise necessary to maintain a competitive edge for our clientele in today’s insurance market. Two important resources, personnel and automation, allow for unsurpassed representation, technical expertise and personalized service for our clientele.

In 2017, the Insurepointe family lost one of its owners, James “Jim” David Frith, after a courageous and faith-filled fight with prostate cancer.  He joined the firm in 1981 and provided quality service and care to his clients for 36 years.  He helped grow Insurepointe to be a strong Houston-based agency that meets Best Practice standards (according to a recent evaluation reviewing a variety of insurance industry metrics).  If he were here today, that accolade wouldn’t mean much to him.  With the help of his staff, he helped write and establish our mission statement:

“We are a unique group of people who passionately care for one another, combining our individual gifts and talents into ONE concerted effort; to provide our Clients with insurance products that will work for them when the need arises. We will work accurately and expeditiously, having both coverage and cost in mind. We will serve our clients and industry partners with integrity holding to the belief that a good name is to be desired more than riches.  We are a generous, Christ-centered company and will strive to act like such with our resources, recognizing that to whom much is given much is expected.”

The last sentence is what meant the most to him.  Pouring into his clients’ lives and working hard to sell insurance gave him the ability to give more away.  Jim gave of his time and both his and Insurepointe’s resources to organizations in Africa, Central America and India.  These organizations provide for the physical needs of people, but more importantly help spread the message of the redeeming power of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.  He was the lifeblood of this company and is deeply missed.

Jim’s son, Brandon, joined the firm back in late 2016, just nine months before his dad passed away.  He decided to leave his former employer in oil and gas for that moment.  One of Jim’s biggest burdens at the time of his diagnosis was what would happen to his company, his employees, and his clients.  Brandon knew that it was coming and felt the Lord leading him to pursue selling insurance.  Brandon carries the same convictions as his father and knows how blessed he is to follow in his footsteps with the hopes of carrying on his family and this company’s legacy.

We share this not to make much of a man, but simply show you where this firm’s focus is, that we will always stand for what is right and that we will work hard to live out our mission statement each day.  God has blessed Insurepointe with the ability to serve and excel for over 50 years, we pray that it continues for many more.

Insurepointe of Texas, Inc. has offices in Houston, Beeville, and Round Rock (Austin). It’s total revenue places our firm in the top ten percent (10 %) nationally. Our “RISK ASSESSMENT & ANALYSIS’’ process assures that our clientele historically have lower losses, thereby enhancing coverage and pricing. We are a Trusted Choice Agent that can provide solutions for every type of exposure to risk on either a commission or fee basis.

We are proud of our Company, automation management and insurance company relationships, but they will always come secondary to the promotion of moral values and service excellence that we inspire in our personnel.

Insurepointe of Texas, Inc. was rated as one of the Top Ten Most Dependable Insurance Agents of Texas as seen in Forbes – click here to read

Based on a variety of insurance industry metrics, Insurepointe of Texas, Inc. qualifies as a Best Practices agency. 2017 agency evaluation performed by Optimum Performance Solutions, LLC.

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