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Karen Brooks

Commercial Account Manager

Houston Office

2909 Hillcroft
Suite 200
Houston, TX 77057-5848

Karen is a Commercial Lines Account Analyst at Insurepointe of Texas, Inc.  She joined the firm on June 13, 2005 and has been handling her commercial clients’ needs throughout the years.  She enjoys working with her clients and has become good friends with many of them.  

Karen started her insurance career in September 1970 at a large insurance company in Philadelphia after graduating from college.  In April 1972 she was married and moved to Boston where her husband lived and continued working for the same company.  Her and her husband moved to Texas in 1978 and she left the industry in January 1980 with the birth of her son.  After her daughter was born in December 1982 she started working as a personal secretary for a couple who had a distributing organization and ran the warehouse for them along with other duties.  She reentered the insurance industry in the summer of 1988 in Boston working for a large insurance agency and her job included underwriting authority for a major insurance company, working with clients and other standard markets.  In January 1993 circumstances brought her and her family back to Houston where she started working for a family owned agency until she came to Insurepointe in June 2005.         

Karen and her husband live in Spring Texas and are not native Texans but she says they got here as fast as they could and both of their children were born here.  Her son and his wife live in Houston with their dog. Her daughter and her husband, daughter, and son live in Arizona.  Karen and her husband Bill have been married since 1972 and look forward to many more years together.

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