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Margaret-Ashley Boles

Commercial Lines Assistant

Houston Office

2909 Hillcroft
Suite 200
Houston, TX 77057-5848

Margaret-Ashley brings a diverse skill set to the table. With a background in ABA Autism Therapy, Margaret-Ashley has honed her expertise in creating tailored interventions with a wealth of experience and a passion for making a positive impact to support individuals on the Autism spectrum.

Her journey in Medical Administration and Billing further underscores her commitment to organizational efficiency and excellence. Margaret-Ashley has navigated the complexities of healthcare administration with precision, ensuring smooth operations and accurate billing processes.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Margaret-Ashley finds joy in spending quality time with her two beloved dogs. A true home enthusiast, she cherishes moments of relaxation and fun with her dogs and boyfriend.

Eager to expand her knowledge and skills, Margaret-Ashley is excited about the prospect of developing her skills in this new field. With enthusiasm and a forward-looking mindset, she eagerly anticipates her future at Insurepointe, and is eager to contribute her expertise and embrace new opportunities that lie ahead.

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