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Patricia Watson, ACSR

Commercial Account Manager

Houston Office

2909 Hillcroft
Suite 200
Houston, TX 77057-5848

Patricia is a Commercial Account Manager with expertise in Construction, Oil/Gas and Artisan Contractors.  In the past 12 years, she has worked with (or focused on) Contractors within the Construction and Oil/Gas industries. 

Patricia started her insurance career her senior year of high school, in 1970, through the VOE (Vocation Office Education) Program of Reagan High School in Houston, Texas.  Patricia worked in the Accounting side of the insurance business for 6 years before moving to the Commercial insurance side.  Patricia has an ACSR designation.

Patricia lives in Wallis, Texas.  When not working, Patricia is involved with her Church in Needville, TX.  The first Saturday of each month her church has a Clothes Closet which offers free clothes to people in the Needville area that are in need as well as a Necessities Pantry with free necessity items.  Patricia is part of a very dedicated choir which is led by the same choir director as the Needville High School Choir.  

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